Saturday, 13 June 2009

Game Fourteen - The bloody handed god

Farseer Arandur breathed slowly and looked upon the Dire Avengers sitting with her in the wave serpent. She could feel the call of the bloody handed one, and knew that the aspect warriors with her could also feel the need to shed blood. Arandur looked at the rune stones flloating above her open palm and spoke to the Dire Avengers, 'Stand ready brothers, I sense that the time is near'.

The fourteenth game in the Damacles campaign was a battle between the Eldar and the Tau H'Rus sept. This was a Capture and Control mission with a Dawn of War deployment. The Eldar won the toss to deploy first but gave the Tau first deployment.

The Tau deployed in the middle of the table close to the ruins situated to the right of the field. The Eldar did not deploy anything on the table, waiting to roll on from the table edge. The lack of any targets for the Tau commander made him push on towards the Eldar table edge. This unfortunately for the Tau commander was a mistake!. On the Eldar turn the Avatar of Khaine walked onto the table and in two turns had cut down the commander and body guard.

Whilst the Avatar was dealing death to the Tau on the right of the table, the Tau Piranha's and deep striking stealth suits were dealing death against the Eldar Guardians trying to capture and hold their objective on the left of the table.

The game was hard fought, but in the end a lone Guardian held the Eldar objective to win the game!
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