Monday, 6 July 2009

Game Fourteen - The End?

In the exodite hall of contemplation, Farseer Lord Varshar speaks with the exodite council of seers of H'rus. ' The webway is open and all must leave by the suns down. This planet is doomed. The younglings can not stop the Great Devourer from striping this planet of all life. This I have seen.'

The council of seers looks at each other, and Arathial council leader of the exodites slowly stands up. 'We will do as you say Lord Varshar. However, we may not be able to get all of our brother and sisters moved before suns down'.

'I will send some of my warriors to help the younglings, this will give you more time. I must now go and speak to my brothers and sisters who will sacrifice their lives to save yours'.

The fourteenth game and final game in the Damacles campaign is a fight between the Tyranids and a combined force of the Tau H'rus and Y'ieldi Saemu sept as well as a contingent of Eldar Biel-Tan forces.

Both the Nids and Tau Y'ieldi Saemu sept were one victory point (VP) away from winning the campaign.

The game set-up was an annihilation with a dawn of war deployment. The Eldar contingent would be entering the table on a reserve roll. This was due to the Seer council discussions as to whether to help the Tau.

The game itself was a close run thing with multiple rounds of fire from the Tau joint forces. However, the tyranid wave kept approaching. Once the Eldar arrived to help the younglings, the nid forces recognised the Eldar to be a real threat and concentrated on their demise.

After much shooting and close combat the game came to an end with the nids in a advantageous position. It was decided that the nids had won the day and the planet!