Sunday, 22 March 2009

Game Eight - Tau sandwich anyone?

Game eight was too siege objectives, and was Tau H'Rus Sept vs Tyranid. The deployment was a spearhead formation and was 1000 points.

A narrative of the battle can be seen here.

' Farseer Lord Varshar looked upon the rune stones on the wraithbone table and shook his head. Turning to Autarch Kelthrae he spoke softly 'It is clear that the Tau children are no match for the Great Devourer. We will have to deal with them both. Awake the Aspect temples and the spirits of our brethrens. The Sword of Varshar goes to WAR!'

Thursday, 19 March 2009


HQ Element

Farseer Lord Varshar - High Commander of Varshars Sword

Autarch Kelthrae - Commander and Chief strategic advisor to Farseer Varshar

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Game Seven - Our Brothers need us.

Our seventh game in the Damacles campaign involved four 500 pt armies. The scenario was that the Eldar where holding a ruin in the east of the table, and were being attacked by the Tau. Communications have been made to both armies, and reinforcements are on there way.

The set-up of initial forces had the Eldar surrounded on both sides.

The Tau reinforcements arrived first with a Devil fish and a Hammerhead. The ensuing shooting resulted in the Vyper and two guardians being lost. The hammerheads solid shot was deflected by the wave serpents protective shield.

The Eldar turn saw their reinforcements arrive in the form of an Autarch on jetbike with shining spears and guardian jetbikes. The Autarch and shining spears turbo-boosted towards the hammerhead, whilst the guardian jetbikes headed by a warlock headed towards the Kroot. The Eldar shooting was minimal and ineffective with no causalities on the Tau side.

The Tau reacted with the destruction of all of the guardian jetbikes apart from the warlock who went on to kill 5 of the Kroot with a blast from his psychic destructor. They subsequently ran away in terror at the loss of their brethren. The shining spear exarch destroyed the hammerhead in close combat. Meanwhile the Tau were slowly reducing the guardians in the ruins. A deep-strike by a Tau commander saw the destruction of the wave serpent by a well placed fusion blast. Unfortunately his mind was subsequently shredded by the Farseer.

Additional firing in later turns saw all of the guardians and the war walker cut down, with the Farseer leaving the table. The shining spears managed to destroy the burst cannon on the Devil fish, but they too were finally cut down. The Autarch cut a swath through the fire warriors who had disembarked from the Devil fish cutting them all down when they tried to flee.

The end of game saw only the Autarch left to report back as to the loss of their brethren.

Final score: Victory to both the H'Rus Expeditionary Force and the Y'ieldi Saemu.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Game Six - its a tactical retreat!

The six game in the Damacles campaign was another 500 pt anniliation game. This time it involved the Tau Y'ieldi Saemu and Craft World Biel-Tan.

The first couple of turns resulted in a Vyper and War Walker being destroyed, whilst the Tau lost both their HQ battle suit and stealth team.

The following turns saw the two Fire Warrior squads making tactical retreats behind buildings as they were out ranged by the Eldar firepower.

The game resulted in a draw with two kill points each.

Game Five - Last bug wins

Our fifth game in the campaign was a 500 point anniliation game between Eldar and Nids.

The first turn the Brood lord and retinue managed to destroy a wave serpent and 5 guardians. However, the surviving Farseer, Warlock and guardians response was to wipe out five of the Brood lords retinue in shruiken and destructor (Warlock) firepower, and then assault the lord and three genestealers! The ensuing close-combat saw the remaining guardians ripped to pieces. However, the runes saved the Farseer and Warlock, who with swift strokes of their witch blades killed the Brood lord and his remaining three retinue.

The remaining turns saw the nid second squad (comprising genestealers with scything talons) take apart a War Walker as well as the Farseer and Warlock. At end game only the Eldar vyper having its missile launcher destroyed was left and could not kill the remaining genestealer to win the game.

Tyranids won by 3 kill points : 2 kill points for Eldar.

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Game Four - The way is lost

The fourth game in the Damacles campaign was an anniliation game of large proportions. This was a 2500 point game of Eldar vs Tau. The game was closely fought with both Eldar and Tau losing multiple units in the engagement. The final tally was a victory to the Tau by two kill points (Eldar 9: Tau 11).

Below are some piccies from the game.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Game Three - For the greater good

The third game in the Damacles campaign was an engagement between an Eldar and Tau patrol. Sighting each other through the broken imperial ruins, the patrols recognised that anniliation was the only course of action.

Below are piccies from the game.

The outcome was a Tau victory with only a handful of eldar left.