Monday, 4 May 2009

Game Eleven - An Autarch's Anger

Autarch Kelthrae tightened his grip on the jet bikes handlebars as he led the shining spears on a flanking move towards the Tau commander. The young lings had deployed on mass to the left of the battlefield. They were trying to concentrate all their firepower on the guardians and wraithlord Nazrain had deployed in the ruins.

'Exarch Arconeath, you and your shining spears will concentrate on the commander and his bodyguard. Ignore the broadside battlesuit, Farseer Faifuithas and the Dire Avengers will deal with it.'

They passed over the trees and Kelthrae looked down at the Kroot who were being pinned by Exarch Angau and his Dark Reapers. The pinning had been constant and had stopped them from shooting at the Warp spiders who had deep striked into the woods.

A withering storm of fire came from the Tau commander and his bodyguard, as well as the remaining stealth suits which had not been struck down by the hail of spinneret fire from the warp spiders. Three of the shining spears were knocked out of the sky. Kelthrae shouted the charge and drew his power sword'

The eleventh game in the Damacles campaign was a Dawn of War Annihilation game between the Tau H'Rus sept and Eldar Biel-Tan. Eldar set up first with across the length of the table as seen below:
The Tau decided not to deploy anything on the table, but walk them on in his turn. This was a cunning plan as he moved all his units onto the left hand side of the table.

The plan may have worked, however the shining spears and Autarch on the jet bike had different plans, turbo-boosting from the middle of the table to engage the Tau commander and bodyguard. The wraithlord in ruins to the left also kept the Tau busy, absorbing multiple rounds of fire from two squads of fire warriors, two Devilfish and two piranha's.

The outcome was a victory to the Eldar.

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