Saturday, 4 April 2009

Game Nine - Burn the Monkeigh

Farseer Arathyryr looked at the wall to the right as the shining spears finished killing a squad of monkeigh. Autarch Morruin was dealing with the small monkeigh called ratlings who had proved to have a good eye.

Exarch Meneost had just dealt with seven more of the monkeigh on the wall with a crack shot plasma round from his missile launcher. Meneost and two of his brethren had been busy just minutes ago dealing with the monkeigh support weopons that might have harmed Nazrain. The wraithlord spirit was millenia old and his loss would have been a great. The destruction of the support weapons had already been too late to save the pathfinders.

The building shook and Arathyryr looked to the metal beast the monkeigh called a Leman Russ. Smoke trailed from its long barrel and the muzzles of its heavy bolters. Nazrain had tried twice to pierce the armour on the behemoth, but to no-avail. Nazrain was now concentrating on the monkeigh trying to assault the building to the left holding brother Guardians. The twin flamers were lapping over them and he could see bodies running around screaming. Nazrain was now amongst them, and then it was all over as the wraith sword cut many of the monkeigh in two.

Looking to his right Arathyryr could see that the shining spears had acquired a new target on the wall, and were Shredding the monkeigh with a hail of shuriken blades. Autarch Morrain had been wounded by one of the ratlings, whilst defending against an attack from two monkeigh who had tried to aid the ratlings. Now with a Khaine in his heart Morrain had cut down the two monkeigh with his power sword. The ratlings tried to flee, but Morrain just swept over them.

'Morrain, i have looked at the runes. This battle will soon end with us victorious'.
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